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Here at PC Payroll, we know the difficulties employers face in finding the right people. We know the obstacles they encounter in keeping their most talented workers. And we know the hurdles they must cross to comply with HR, payroll, and benefits laws. Our award-winning human capital management platform helps employers conquer these challenges.


PC Payroll’s integrated human resources tools deliver everything you need to efficiently recruit, hire, pay, manage, and retain talent. Work smarter, increase transparency, get actionable insights, communicate real-time feedback, and reduce complexity—all from one unified database.

The PC Payroll human resources management software offers:
  • An integrative approach, combining HR management, payroll services, and benefits administration.
  • Significantly fewer errors, increased enforcement of company policies, and reduced risk of noncompliance.
  • A secure, easily accessible, mobile-friendly platform.
  • Flexible, scalable, and customizable solutions ready to adapt to your changing business needs.
  • One employee record. Data seamlessly flows to the HR, payroll, and benefits modules.
  • One user experience, eliminating the need for multiple sign-ons.
  • Paperless HR management processes.
  • Diverse recruitment tools.
  • Highly personalized service by a dedicated team of HR, payroll, and benefits experts.
  • A partnership that pays for itself.
Through Our All-In-One Solution: 
Simplify Your Work Life. Amplify Productivity. Increase Business Agility. Grow Your Bottom Line.


Drive job satisfaction across the board through our data-driven HCM platform that produces deep insight into your business operations. Streamline workflows so your leaders can focus on strategic priorities. Foster autonomy through employee self service.
Bottom line: PC Payroll HCM solutions are built to propel business growth.
human capital management platform

Focused on customer success and workforce optimization, PC Payroll revolutionizes your HR processes
with a technologically advanced all-in-one system that lets you
manage people and payroll simply and efficiently.

"My favorite part of working with PC Payroll is the personalized service and quick response time. Whenever an issue arises or a question needed to be addressed, it is all done so immediately and efficiently! Our expectations were met and beyond, everything we wanted was accommodated. I would recommend PC payroll to anyone that would ask, because they are so easy to work with and will customize to your needs. We feel that PC Payroll isn't just a payroll company, but a personal company that really cares about their clients' needs."
Hungarian Kosher
"I find that the customer service at PC Payroll is outstanding. I am answered with the correct information on the spot most of the time. When an issue has to be researched, the answer comes back quickly. This is all done with the attitude of being happy to help out."
Stat Portable
"I did not expect much since it this was my first time using a payroll software but I was surprise how simple and straight forward the system was for a first time user. The system is very versatile for all Payroll and HR needs, and customer service is always excellent!"
Quality Floorshine
"PC Payroll saves us time and money. We used to be with one of the large vendors but we are glad we made the switch. We were able to get rid of and overwhelming amount of paperwork and inaccuracy issues. The process became smooth, simple, and very organized. We can screen all the employee’s information, track leaves and attendance, benefits, and performance in just few simple clicks.
Property Management
"My favorite part of working with PC payroll is all of their Reps are knowledgeable and respond quickly. No one has ever said to me -I don't know-Not my Dept- Just the opposite! they would direct my question to the proper department and follow up with me to make sure I got what I needed. The initial transition from our previous payroll provider went smoothly, we received proper training and guidance and were on track in no time."
Amy Clayton
"PC Payroll has been amazing and easy to manage. I love the shortcuts, very easy to look up past and present employees and download different kind of reports. PC Payroll is such a reliable company and are great at assisting me with any concerns and issues. Thank you PC Payroll!!!"
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